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 Let your miners experience the world of liquid immersion hosting, utilizing the patented BitCool BC-888 liquid. We use a single-phase, Liquid Immersion Cooling system supplied by our partners at Engineered Fluids to ensure your miners will continue to run at optimal performance levels.

For more information please visit

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ASIC Miner US Logo 3-01.png

The ASIC Miners US business was created in November of 2020 due to the amount of dishonest cryptocurrency equipment resellers in the market. We have an extensive offering of products that we ship directly to your door, and have the ability to procure any available ASIC Miner.


Please reach out to us with any questions on your next miner purchase, and visit us online at

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Our specialty is providing information technology support to businesses in accounting, finance, healthcare, as well as law firms and high-end non-profit organizations. We cater to small to medium businesses by providing everything needed for office computer systems in one easy package. 


For more information please visit us at

Image by Krzysztof Kowalik
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