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ASIC Miners US

ASIC Miners US is a company that was founded by our CEO.  We offer the best ASIC Miners available on the market today, featuring products from Bitmain, iBeLink, Goldshell, WhatsMiner, and the like. Since its inception, we have nurtured an exclusive partnership with our supplier in Shenzhen China. With this partnership, we grew the ASIC Miner US business to be the force it has become today. For more information on purchasing a miner from us, please visit

Liquid Immersion Worldwide LLC

Liquid Immersion Worldwide was created to help the miner community achieve the best possible output from their ASIC Miners.  We utilize state of the art technology from our business partners, Engineered Fluids, to offer the best liquid immersion technology currently available for mining today.  For more information on hosting, please visit 

Telesis IT

Telesis IT offers a comprehensive range of services to help small businesses achieve their goals, including productivity solutions based on the Microsoft Cloud, security and continuity services. The company has partnerships with leading technology brands such as Microsoft, Dell, Cisco, and Fortinet and has over thirty years of experience in small business and enterprise networking.  For more information visit

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Our goal at BitFrontier Capital Holdings, Inc. is to provide any customer with access to the highest quality cryptocurrency network infrastructure available on the market. We strive to provide competitive prices combined with best in class service. 

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Contact Us

5753 HWY 85 North #6065

Crestview, FL 32536

Principal Executive Offices:

5753 HWY 85 North #6065

Crestview, FL 32536

Phone: 209-210-2872

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